5 Must-Have Cyber Y2K Jeans

5 Must-Have Cyber Y2K Jeans - High Street Pink


Are you into Cyber Y2K Aesthetic? What is Cyber Y2K? Well, here is the short explanation for Cyber Y2K Aesthetic; Cyber Y2K is a combination of cyber clothing (referring to the internet and cyberspace) and Y2K Fashion.


Colors like hot pink, dark/light brown, metallic are all over this aesthetic. Usually, you will find a lot of clothing pieces that are decorated with rhinestones and contains skull designs.

The whole outfit is quite simple and unique compared to other aesthetics. It often looks more grunge but with a mix of 2000s fashion approach.

Jeans are essentials to achieve the look of Cyber Y2K Aesthetic. But not all jeans can fit into this aesthetic. So what kind of jeans do you need to pull off the Cyber Y2K Aesthetic look? Let's break down the list of jeans that are necessary if you want to get this look!



1. Graphic Jeans

Why graphic jeans? As Graphic Jeans contain illustrations that speak the Cyber Y2K personality. An example of graphic jeans that is super popular in the community is our Cyber Tribal Heart Jeans

Not all graphic jeans suit the Cyber Y2K style, why? It all depends on the graphic that is printed on the jeans, if the design gives the sense of vintage as if it was made back in 2000s then it's a perfect graphic jeans for this Cyber Y2K Aesthetic Look.


2. Cargo Pants

Your clothing selection doesn't have to be complicated. Plain cargo pants is enough to help you get the Cyber Y2K Aesthetic Look. You can combine it with a graphic tee or a hoodie. You may want to check out our Brown Vintage Cargo Pants. It has dark brown color which gives the vintage vibe and super comfortable to wear, along with a simple design that is ready to give you Cyber Y2K Look.


3. Flare Pants / Flare Jeans

Flare pants/jeans are usually worn by the Soft Y2K Fashionista. Nonetheless, it is still acceptable in the Cyber Y2K Fashion Community. The reason is that the flare jeans are easy to combine with any tops!

The people who want to look more cyber y2k usually like to combine the flare pants with a graphic tank top or puffer jacket. However, there is no limitation in fashion! You can mix it with any tops. It all depends on your preference!

Our Nova Black Trousers and Patchwork Cargo Black Pants are great examples of flare pants. 


4. Graphic Sweatpants

When people say that sweatpants are comfortable to wear in any situation, I couldn't agree more.. sweatpants are my favorite type of trousers! Despite its simplicity, it can also make you look cooler and more stylish.

To attain your best Cyber Y2K look, your sweatpants collection needs a little bit of spice added. The graphic that is printed on the sweatpants will make a huge difference to your outfit. It's eye-catching and able to make people compliment your outfit! Just like graphic jeans, graphic sweatpants are more comfortable to wear and softer than jeans.

One of the best example of graphic sweatpants is our Graphic Sweatpants and our Spider Rhinestones Sweatpants (perfect for men and women). It is made of good quality material to give you comfort during the day and night. 



5. Ripped Jeans

You probably have heard this type of jeans a lot of times before.. it is so popular even before the year 2000s. Ripped jeans keeps evolving throughout the years even until today. 

No doubt, ripped jeans are the ideal jeans for this aesthetic. There are many type of ripped jeans. Check out our Alison Boyfriend Jeans . It doesn't look like the typical ripped jeans. The design is unique and ready to give you the best look!


So those are the type of pants you need to have in your wardrobe and to help you get the look of this trendy and unique aesthetic. 

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That's it for now! Let me know what you think of Cyber Y2K? What do you like about it? Leave your comment below and let's have a discussion <3