5 Essentials To Dress Cyber Y2K Aesthetic, Number 3 Is The Most Important!

5 Essentials To Dress Cyber Y2K Aesthetic, Number 3 Is The Most Important! - High Street Pink

5 Essentials To Dress Cyber Y2K Aesthetic


The key to achieving the cyber y2k aesthetic look is recognizing and considering to add these essentials to your wardrobe.

However sometimes, it could be challenging to choose the right items in order to attain this cyber y2k aesthetic look, especially if you're new to this aesthetic.

Luckily, you can always refer to this article for guidance to help you achieving your dream cyber y2k look.


1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are well-known for their ability to enhance and embellish any outfit! However, not all types of sunglasses can pull out the cyber y2k aesthetic look.

Sunglasses with a broad frame, metallic color, and a slim temple are commonly seen around this fashion category.

Best example for this type of sunglasses are our Y2K Metallic Sunglasses and our Coco Wide Vintage Sunglasses.

cyber y2k sunglassescyber y2k sunglasses



2. Graphic Jeans

It's not the average pair of jeans. But, jeans with a strong personality are the best representation of this aesthetic.

Jeans with a printed or embroidered "edgy" design, and baggy fit are one of the essential to attain this cyber y2k aesthetic look.

Rhinestones are also often used as a decorative component to make the jeans stand out.

As you may have seen in a lot of popular images on the internet, as well as promoted by many Cyber Y2K influencers, they tend to wear this type of jeans. 

For reference, you can check out our best-selling graphic jeans "Studied Retro Jeans". It comes with two options; printed and embroidered.

cyber y2k jeanscyber y2k jeans



3. Jewelry

You definitely don't want to miss out this special element, believe me. Why? Well, because jewelry can give that "bling" effect to your outfit. It gives your outfit looks more lively rather than gloomy.

Saturn & cross shaped pedant with pearl beads are often used as the icon of this aesthetic. The idea of this design was first brought up by a luxury brand called Vivienne Westwood.

However, the Vivienne Westwood's necklace are quite expensive for some people. But don't worry! We have the affordable version of the necklace, check out our Cross and Skull Saturn Necklace for more detail.

cyber y2k saturn necklacecyber y2k saturn necklace



4. Caps

Cyber Y2K can also be related to streetwear or hip hop style. Therefore caps are also the essential if you're looking to dress the Cyber Y2K Aesthetic.

Denim baseball caps, rhinestone caps has gained massive attention from this community. Check out our hats collection for reference. 

cyber y2k hatscyber y2k rhinestone hats



5. Sneakers

Looking stylish from head to toe is a must. That's why this one should not be missed out as well. Any sneakers from any brand would fit this aesthetic. 


 cyber y2k sneakerscyber y2k sneakers